Compare ”Bare Knuckle Pickups” 『Boot Camp Series』!『Brute Force』『True Grit』『Old Guard』If you read this, you will understand the sound you want!!

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Luxury pickup maker Bare Knuckle Pickups.

Bare Knuckle Pickups released the entry model “Boot Camp Series", but there is still little information about them.

This time, there are three outputs, “Brute Force", “True Grit", and “Old Guard". Then, we will focus on the features of various models of “Boot Camp Series", which has four models of “Humbucker", “Single coil", “Tele" and “P-90".

About Bare Knuckle Pickups

Bare Knuckle Pickups started out as a private production by English guitarist Tim Mills.He is also a veteran studio musician who has a long career, and based on his experience, he feels the need for a pickup with a wider range and covering various genres, and starts development.

Bare Knuckle Pickups are gaining tremendous acclaim, and even famous guitarists such as the late Gary Moore are beginning to find users.Nowadays, we have a complete line-up from old-style sounds with vintage sounds to signature models of progressive metal artists called Gents.

Even today, at our head office in the UK, we continue to make the world’s best pickups without changing the boutique style where few craftsmen make each one with handwire.

There are points that are common to all models.The biggest feature is the “wide range" that was founded by the founder Tim Mills as the first proposition, and the outstanding goodness and clarity associated with it.In addition, we have a high level such as high picking dynamics and followability to the volume of the guitar, and the fact that even when distorted, the sound does not collapse and leaves a solid core.

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Boot Camp Series

Boot Camp Series

”3 output ranges, 4 types of pickup and all the core options taken care of. It’s as easy as that. Handwound at the Bare Knuckle workshops, warrantied for life and available exclusively from registered Bare Knuckle dealers worldwide.
No more excuses. Get your tone in shape!”
Quote source:Bare Knuckle Pickups

Boot Camp Series is an entry model of Bare Knuckle Pickups.

For high power settings such as metal sounds『Brute Force』
Balanced from high gain to low gain『True Grit』
Characterized by dead sound like vintage PAF『Old Guard』

These three output-specific models, andfour types of “Humbucker" “P-90" “Single coil" “Teleca" set.

You can install Boot Camp Series on most guitars you have.

Boot Camp SerieBoot Camp Series is one of the most affordable Bare Knuckle Pickups.They can be purchased for half the price of “The Mule" and “Aftermath“.

However, just because the price is kept low does not mean that the production is rough.

Everything is made by handwound and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.In addition, it is possible to apply a wide range of customization such as the presence or absence of a pickup cover and for 7 strings in all types.

Brute Force

This model is specialized for high gain sounds such as “prog", “metal", and “hardcore".

It uses a ceramic magnet and can output a wide range without crushing the sound even if the distortion is set strongly.(Strato and Tele use Alnico V)

Especially the low sound is output very clearly. Even if you lower the tuning, the sound will come out without breaking the outline.

Also, the output is high, but it is hard to be a peaky sound, and it can produce a wonderful sound even in a clean tone.

True Grit

Medium output pickup featuring Alnico V

It is supposed to be used for music such as “hard rock", “punk" and “fusion".

In addition to a wide range of sound characteristics, a very thick and rich tone is output.

It can be used by a wide range of musicians, from guitar vocal backing sounds to lead guitars performing solos.

Especially the sound of the single coil is wonderful. Whichever you choose from the rear to the front, you can get the optimum tone.

Old Guard

Pickup using Alnico II

Low output. Sounds similar to “Vintage PAF" and “Vintage Stratocaster".

The wide range peculiar to Bare Knuckle Pickups remains unchanged, but the sound is open.

In addition, the sound is output without being crushed even with the high gain setting. As a result, it can produce a wider range of tones and sounds than other vintage pickup models.ま


“Bare Knuckle Pickups" entry model “Boot Camp Series"

It’s a very good pickup. Three outputs, “Brute Force", “True Grit" and “Old Guard", and various settings such as “Humbucker", “Single coil", “Tele" and “P-90" make it easy to install on your guitar.

If you’re worried about pick-up replacement, this is a model you should consider once.